Procol Printer Setup

Adding the network printer at Procol sites
Download Driver

Choose your operating system below to download the appropriate driver:

32 Bit Windows Operating System:

64 Bit Windows Operating System:

If you are unsure what version of Windows operating system you are running, please click on the Windows Start (bottom left of your computer screen) and right click on My Computer.
Choose the ‘Properties’ option at the bottom of the list. This will give you an overview of your System Properties.
Under the General tab, you will either see ‘System Type : 64 Bit’ or ‘System Type : 32 Bit’ – on older operating systems (Windows XP and earlier) if you cannot find anything under the General tab that relates to 32 or 64 bit, then you have a 32 bit system (it would say only if it was 64 bit).

Ensure that when you open the download you make a note of where you are saving the files, you will need to remember this location when you come to install the printer driver using the Add Printer Wizard.