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PaperCut™ Print Logger is a free download. Paper Cut Print Logger is a print logging application for Windows systems designed to provide real-time activity logs detailing all printer use.

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Information tracked includes:

* The time of print,
* the name of the user who printed,
* the total number of pages,
* document names and titles,
* other job attributes such as paper size, colour mode and more.

Logs are available in a viewer-friendly HTML format, or CSV or Excel format for advanced users needing the data for further analysis.

* 100% free!
* Easy to use HTML interface.
* Now available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
* Real-time logs ensuring printing history data is always current and live.
* Data is available in Microsoft Excel-compatible format allowing for detailed analysis and charting.
* Compatible with both desktop and server versions of Microsoft Windows.
* Works with almost all major printer makes and models.
* Unobtrusive – no need to modify the printing process or configure printers differently.

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PaperCut Print Logger Q&A


Why is PaperCut Print Logger free?
PaperCut Print Logger provides a way to get a “taste” of some of the benefits that our applications offer. Our main development focus is our print management applications like PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF. If you need more than just logging in, please check our other applications.

Do you provide support for PaperCut Print Logger?
Because Print Logger is a free application, we’re not able to provide official support. If however, you have a quick question, please feel free to contact support and our developers will do their best to help you out in their spare time. Can I install PaperCut Print Logger on my server and monitor all network printing?
If your server is setup up to host print queues and workstations print to these shared queues, then installing PaperCut Print Logger on the server will monitor all printing. Computers with individually attached desktop printers will need Print Logger installed locally if monitoring these printers is desired. Consider PaperCut NG if you require centralized logging from multiple systems. I have a virtual PDF printer or FAX printer installed. How do I stop PaperCut Print Logger from monitoring this printer/device?
Printers can be ignored by defining the printer’s name in the IgnoredPrinters setting in the configuration file that will be installed on your server when you set up the programme. The file can be opened and changed freely. It will be located a C:\Program Files\PaperCut Print Logger\print-logger.conf
Remember to restart the PaperCut Print Logger Service in Control Panel -> Services to apply this change. I notice you offer solutions for Apple Mac and Linux. Why is Print Logger only available for Windows?
We may look at developing a version for Mac or Linux in the future. We first need to gauge popularity. If you’re interested in a version for this platform, please email support and put your vote in! Are you planning any new features?
The goal of Print Logger is to do one job (logging) and do it well. We may make minor tweaks and will continue to support new hardware. The main development goal however simply logging. If you’re looking for advanced features please consider our other applications.

Does Print Logger support Microsoft Cluster Server?
Not officially, but you may be able to set it up using a similar procedure to the cluster setup notes for PaperCut NG. For official support in a cluster environment, please consider our other applications.

Can I use the data for reporting?
The raw print log data recorded is available in a Microsoft Excel format. You may be able to use many of the features of Excel or a similar program to summarize and construct reports. If you’re after pre-built reporting features, please consider PaperCut NG.

Where can I find the download?
The latest version of PaperCut Print Logger can always be downloaded from the “Download Now” link at the bottom of this page or you can download a free trial of the full version at

What are the different platforms supported by PaperCut Print Logger?
PaperCut Print Logger supports the following platforms:

* Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (any edition)
* Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (any edition)
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (any edition)
* Microsoft Windows 2000 (Pro and Server)
* Microsoft Windows XP (any edition)
* Microsoft Windows Vista (any edition)