Inception Carbon and GreenHouse Gases Emissions Reduction Plan

FY2022/2023 Actual Carbon Emissions*

Emissions typeAmountUnitsCO2e (kg)
Electricity (Scope 2)25,300kWh4893

Natural gas (Scope 1)

Diesel (Scope 1)11,000litres28136
Petrol (Scope 1)6,060litres13101


Overall Objective: Net Zero no later than 2050

Baseline FY2022/23 46,933 kgCO2e

Inception aims to reduce its emissions to a nett zero no later than 2050 in line with UK government targets. We also aim to exceed a reduction in nett output emissions in excess of 50% and 75% by 2032 and 2037 respectively in line with government targets.

Because offsetting our emissions via a third party scheme is never as valuable for the planet as not producing the emissions at source, Inception will continue to drive down its own emissions at source as our primary focus. Additional offset to achieve nett zero will be done on a 2:1 ratio (Inception will offset twice the carbon it contributes to ensure a better than equal ratio is obtained and to maintain focus on Inception in obtaining as close to ‘True Zero’ as is feasible as our primary goal.

The following shows the actual attained CO2e for Inception during FY 2022/23. This reflects all Inceptions core and downstream activities that Inception has control and influence over and is based on known values. Additionally Inception is working with key upstream and partners who’s Carbon and GHG emissions are not included (such as suppliers, couriers, freight partners and transport partners), to encourage and understand their commitment to the same UK target of nett 0 by 2050 together with corresponding reductions in 2032 and 2037. Additional action will be taken by Inception to offset the identifiable impact from these partners if offsetting cannot be confirmed by Inception or through independent reporting. 

The result for Inception Business Technology located in UK for year FY2022/23 is:


Scope 1 emissions
(direct energy and processes)

42,040 kgCO2e


Scope 2 emissions
(indirect impact from electricity)

4,893 kgCO2e

Based on calculations from*

Three year goal – Nett impact reduction to 38,000 kgCO2e by end of 2026

Introduce new vehicles with lower CO2 emissions (including only using electric cars)

Green House Gas (GHG) secondary reduction by encouraging cycle and walk to work schemes and car sharing where possible. Roll out of electric car scheme for company employees

Five year goal – Nett impact reduction to 24,000 kgCO2e by end of 2028

Eliminate excessive diesel use by utilising electric vans for local engineers according to range feasibility. 

Any additional remaining gap is to be fully offset through a 2:1 carbon offset (twice as much carbon must be offset than used by Inception)

Ten year goal – Nett impact reduction to 6,000 kgCO2e by end of 2033

Eliminate the use if gas for all offices

Install solar panels and battery storage in offices where appropriate

Any additional remaining gap is to be fully offset through a 2:1 carbon offset (twice as much carbon must be offset than used by Inception)

This Carbon Reduction plan has been approved by Inception’s management team and is overall managed by Gareth Taylor, Managing Director 

This report was approved on 27th April 2023 and is due to be reviewed and updated in April 2024.

*emissions are based on known identifiable emissions within Inceptions scope and control and are calculated using the Carbon Trust online calculator.

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