Hardware Guides

Adding Scan to Folder

Adding Scan to Folder is helpful for when you need to scan to a folder on a local computer or server. As the scan to folder stays within your local network, it is not affected by the speed of your internet. Folder scanning is also quicker than scan to email.

Update Ricoh Printer IP Address

Update Ricoh Printer IP Address This Ricoh MFD Tutorial will guide you step by step through the best way to change the IP Address on your Ricoh Printer.DISCLAIMER - Please be aware that changing your IP address may cause any existing computers to stop printing.

Adding a new email address to the address-book

Scan to Email is helpful for when you need to scan documents to someone who is not in the office, or when you want to easily share the information with someone. Inception always recommends scanning documents to yourself and forwarding the scanned email attachment to who needs it, just in case the email bounces back,...