Inception PrintHub Services

Inception Print Hub services gives you direct access to your very own offsite print hub.
Whether you have a large print run, need special finishing (such as booklets, spiral binding or laminating), special sizes (Upto A0 size) or want presentation material (glossy card stock, edge trimming etc), Inception PrintHub Services are here to help and provide support at every step.

How you save!

Saving Money

Most printed material that is not for resale can be printed exempt of VAT, if you are not VAT registered, this not only saves you VAT on the cost of the print, but also on the cost of the paper/media stock, and any finishing consumables. If you are not VAT registered, this would save you 20%

Saving Time

Inception's print hub utilises high speed, high productivity devices to print your job, this means you don't have to stand in front of the printer collating and making books, adding covers and laminating documents. For Inception customers, the print hub is available at exactly the same low cost per page as if you had printed the job in-house, the only extra you pay is for the paper/media stock and consumables (plastic covers, spiral binding books etc).

All in one

Simply use the calculator below to see how much your print job will cost. You can choose the format, size, colour and finish. Once you can see the savings in both time and money you then have an option of uploading a PDF and submitting the print job. You have the option to upload a purchase order number for your records. Once we have received the job we will confirm this via email and take care of the rest.

Inception sees the print hub as a way of adding value to our customer support. By Inception printing longer jobs on dedicated production machines, we leverage the low running costs, to off-set the Inception labour cost to produce the print job. 

Additionally,  your device has greater availability as its not tied up with long jobs, and increased performance and reliability as volume-intense jobs can be routed to Inceptions PrintHub. 

Printhub Cost Calculator

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