Connect to the TP-Links self-created Wifi network, the SSID (eg. TP-Link_7774) and Wireless Password (eg. 69749285) is found on the underneath of your TP Link box.

Open a web browser and go to

Enter the ‘Quick Setup’ menu and choose Next

Leave the password unchanged and click Next

Choose ‘Client’ as the operation mode and click Next

The available WiFi’s should appear, choose ‘Connect’ next to the WiFi you want to connect to.

Enter the WiFi password and click Next

Leave the settings as ‘Smart IP (DHCP)’ this will recieve the IP address from the network and pass it onto the MFD. Click Next

Click Finish – you may need to scroll down the page a little to see the Finish button. The TP Link will restart (30 seconds) and should connect automatically to the WiFi network. If there are any problems, reset the TP Link by pushing a paperclick into the reset hold ont he TP Link for around 10 seconds (the light will stop flashing as you do so).