Update Ricoh Printer IP Address

This Ricoh MFD Tutorial will guide you step by step through the best way to change the IP Address on your Ricoh Printer.

DISCLAIMER – Please be aware that changing your IP address may cause any existing computers to stop printing. You should only change your printer’s IP Address if you are the person who administers your network.

In this guide, we will be using the Ricoh MPC6502 as the example and a new IP Address of please follow this guide using your own network settings in place of the example in the steps below. If you do not know your network IP settings, you must obtain this information before proceeding with this tutorial.

Once you change the printer IP address, you will need to update the printer port on each computer (or server if a shared printer) using our ‘Update Printer Driver IP Address Guide’

STEP 1 – User Tools/Counter

Press the [User Tools / Counter] button. This will be in one of several locations depending on the model (the pictures below are for two different models).


STEP 2 – System Setting

Choose [System Settings] from the list.


STEP 3 – Interface Settings

Go to the ‘Interface Settings’ tab and choose [Machine IPv4 Address] from the list.



STEP 4 – Machine IPv4 Address

Ensure that [Specify] is highlighted and choose [Change] next to the machine’s IPv4 Address. The picture below shows the old address of


STEP 5 – Enter IP Address

Enter your new IPv4 Address using the number keys (in our example we have used but your number will be unique to your network), then press the [#] Key to set the address. You can also update the Subnet Mask in the same way if required. Press [OK] to exit the screen


STEP 6 – DNS Settings (if required)

If your IPv4 address is in a different range, you will need to change the DNS settings also, this can be checked/changed by pressing [DNS Configuration].


STEP 7 – Exit

Choose [Exit] in the top right. The screen will ‘grey out’ the options while it sets the new IP address (this should take a few seconds), once complete you can choose [Exit] in the top right again to return to the home screen.