When printing GDPR sensitive information or confidential documents, it is essential for the printer to securely hold a print job rather than just printing straight out where anyone can access the information.

Most Ricoh printers / MFD’s have the ability to hold a confidential print job and then release the job when a password is entered on the printer.

Below are the steps to send a confidential print job to the printer and how to release the job on the printer.

We have set up a printer called ‘temporary print queue’ for the below example.

STEP 1 – Printer Properties

Go to your printer menu in the programme you are using (normally [File] > [Print], or [CTRL+P]. Select your printer and choose [Properties] in the top right.


STEP 2 – Select Locked Print

Click on the drop-down menu under Job Type: and select [Locked Print], then click on [Details] to enter the password and username for the print job.


STEP 3 – Enter the required Details

Under ‘User ID’ choose between your Windows login name, or creating your own ID (put your name into the ‘Enter User ID:’ box) and a numeric password (between 4 and 8 characters.


STEP 4- Submit the print job

Click [OK] at the bottom of the ‘Job Type Details’ screen and [OK] at the bottom of the ‘Printer Properties’ page. This will return you back to the ‘Print’ dialogue page where you can click [OK] to submit the print job.


STEP 5 – Release the print job at the printer

On your Ricoh printer, go into the printer menu and choose the [Print Jobs] tab (this may be in a different place to the image below depending on your specific Ricoh model of Ricoh printer). Select your User ID (there may be multiple names here depending on how many people have sent locked jobs).


STEP 6 – Select the print job you wish to print.

Within the User Name section, choose the print job you wish to print and choose [Print] in the bottom right.

STEP 7 – Enter your numerical password.

Enter the password you choose when sending the print job from your computer and press [OK]

STEP 8 – Choose any settings and Print.

On the final screen, you have the options to choose any [Detailed Settings] such as paper tray and type, staple and double siding, or ‘Change The Quantity’ required. When you are ready click [Print] and your print job will be released.

Once printed, the MFD will automatically delete the print job. Normally the MFD will hold the job ready for release for up to 24 hours, following which time it will automatically be deleted to stop the memory from getting unnecessarily full of old unprinted jobs.